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University blog network

Departments, programs, and schools at the George Washington University had amassed a motley collection of blogs, newsletters, and listserves all competing for student attention. I piloted a centralized solution to increase engagement by standardizing the creation and delivery of content.

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Pioneering Solutions

Pioneering Solutions

Build a Coalition

Without any institutional structure to support the initiative, I first created a coalition of over a dozen communications professionals across the university who agreed to have their departments participate.

Meet Needs

I used a Wordpress multi-site installation to create the blogging network, teaching myself just enough web development to get the network up and running in 4 weeks. 

I included a newsletter generator, admin community forum, and content style guides. GWUBlogs was a minimum viable product pilot and successful proof of concept. The university recently adopted my model and rolled out a university-wide program in spring 2016 called GWBlogs.

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