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About Jared

About Jared


Jared Thomas Meyer

I've been designing content for the better part of a decade. I’ve worked in the public and private education sector, designed winning campaigns, brought order to words, and given voice to a brand. I’m an explorer, a tinkerer, and a problem-solver.

Here's what you should know about me:

  • Grew up in the northern midwest, so you know I'm nice. 
  • Earned a master's of public policy, so you know I'm smart. 
  • Put a funny thing on the Internet once that both Wil Wheaton and Neil Gaiman shared on their tumblrs, so you know I've probably peaked in life. 

But you don't have to take my word for it. Listen to what my Facebook friends have to say:

Jared asks questions and explores answers with honesty, logic, kindness, and love. 
- Catherine

The wittiest bastard in the room.
- Paula

Jared thinks outside-the-box, elevates the mundane, and makes sure everyone knows it.
- Eleanor

cool cucumber. churner of crafty copy. he who xeroxes memes on coffee breaks. all while gripping a shake weight.
- Kristi

Engages in conversations with himself, about himself.
- Jared

I'm simultaneously thrilled and terrified with what Jared will come up with next.
- PK

ENTJ, but actually right most of the time.
- Kat

Here are few words for you to consider; intelligent, critical thinker, articulate, confident, strong work ethic, educated, and very handsome.
- My Mother